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Salon digitale Diskussionskultur

April 14th, 2024: "Innovative Tools for Debate Online: Insights from vTaiwan"

Summary: In this talk, g0v and vTaiwan member Cui Jia Wei will explore how civic technology and new platforms can foster more informed and inclusive political discussion. As one of the core members of vTaiwan, a project aimed at improving debate culture and consensus-building on issues in Taiwan, Cui Jia Wei will discuss how innovative tools and methods from the community have helped enhance deliberation online and influence policymaking. Cui Jia Wei will also examine vTaiwan's collaborations with civil society to address both the technical and social barriers to improving public discourse. The first part of the talk will feature a 30-minute presentation by Cui Jia Wei on vTaiwan's work and vision. This will be followed by an open discussion. Join the discussion empowering citizens and enriching political participation through emerging models of civic technology.

Conference Link (will be activated before event): https://tinyurl.com/kddk-online.